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- We have sold out the Redemption Program.  We evaluate competition on all of our products and reserve the right to close any program at any time.  We will always provide email support to our users, even for programs we have sold out.

- We will monitor how quickly each Special, listed below, sells.  We may be able to leave some Specials up and running through the end of December, but don’t guarantee that.  That is why the 24 hour clock is running on our main site.  We can not ‘save a slot’ or wait on a paycheck.

Insider's Guide download -  The InsidersGuide 12012013.pdf - This is a Free Download with More Information on the Programs


Secret Specials – Not Available from on their main page!


Surplus Funds and Estates Ebook - Go after surplus funds from mortgage and tax overages, and estate/probate unclaimed money! You work this program local, going to the courthouse to check debt against the property and person prior to the foreclosure, fill out our easy title worksheet and make sure no one has claimed the money.  Send the worksheet in along with a few documents from the physical file in the courthouse.  We will find the folks, do the deal, hire the attorney, buy out the claimant, and send you a check when we retrieve the money - 10% of gross OR 15% if you find the folks and verify they are correct claimant using our simple script!  If you are not willing to go into the courthouse and do some research, don't purchase this ebook.  It requires some research.  The payoff reflects that, though!

$297 - We may not offer this by itself, soon, so hurry up and get it! - Secret Special, We also throw in Ultimate Finder


Hybrid Surplus Funds(HSF) Ebook AND Hybrid Network:

You will not believe what we did!  We cracked the code!  Work surplus funds from mortgage and tax overage without skiptracing, without research - see more on this here - - come back to this page to buy

$497 for Both - Regular Price - $597 for Both! - Secret Special, We also throw in the Ultimate Finder.



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