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Asset Recovery Solutions

Greater Good Company is an asset recovery firm with an A+ rating with the BBB. We identify and research monies held by municipal, State and Federal courts usually not found on State unclaimed web sites.

 We make you an offer based upon risk, time frame and cost.
We never charge a fee and take full responsibility for all costs, even if unsuccessful.
Complete the form below to get more information about funds that may be owed to you. You can also call us anytime, toll-free, at 888-888-1904

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)      
Asset Recovery Solutions:

How much is the claim?

We do not contact folks unless there is at least a $10,000 gross amount being held. 

Where is the money?

Monies often held in estates, overages, unclaimed insurance, eminent domain, condemnation files, etc. 

How much can I expect to make?

We will make offer based on risk, amount, cost.

When will I get paid?

We give part upfront, the rest when we retrieve. 

Do I have to pay anything?

No.  We pay all costs, never bill you.

What do I have to do to start this process?

Call number on mailing or one given when called.  Filling out the form(link above) will speed this up.

Can I claim this money without you?

Yes.  You will need an attorney.  We do not share fund location.  We will work with creditors instead. 

Is there a deadline to claim these funds?

Often, we have a very short window to make claim. 

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