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*Earnings Disclaimer:


We have no idea what your work ethic is, how well you follow directions, or your intelligence level.  The averages we give are our own experiences.  We do not, and would never, guarantee a set income amount or that you’ll make money at all. Sorry, but there are too many ‘info junkies’ out there that buy programs and never apply them or don’t make a real effort.  Also, this is not a get rich quick program.  Further, we don’t know what the average file will be in your County.  Averages are from our experience, nationally.


We're trying to create an 'army' of disciplined, hardworking folks that want to make money and are willing to apply themselves.  If you are not sure if you have discipline or a strong work ethic, don't buy the program please. 


Is There Some Kinds of Guarantee?  Terms/Conditions?

We guarantee E-Book(s) are true/correct. They provide knowledge that can be used to attain large sums. It is not 'get rich quick'- you have to apply the info & there's work involved.

The E-books are Copyrighted©. Once purchased, you have the info for personal use, NOT to share, re-sell, or disseminate.  If you have difficulty opening/saving the ebook, contact us.  WE WILL EMAIL YOUR EBOOK within an hour, if purchased between 8AM and 10PM.  YOU AGREE THAT IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE EBOOK WITHIN 12 HRS YOU WILL CONTACT US AND ALLOW US 2 BUS. DAYS TO RECTIFY THE ISSUE, FROM THE TIME YOU ALERT US. 


For the traditional surplus funds & estates ebook: If your county does not have any of: surplus funds, unclaimed monies, excess proceeds, etc - simply have a court official sign our form and we'll refund.  Also, if your state has regulation that would make it impossible to use our systems, send in the statute and we will refund your money.  *We are not finders, so finder regulations do not apply.  We will send forms upon request.  The system is bulletproof.  However, we put the guarantee in so everyone is covered against future laws (which won't apply to us!).  For hybrid: you can do this from home outside of your area because you do not have to go to the courthouse, so no, we will not refund because you have difficulty getting a list in a county, when there are 3200 counties out there & 2-4 lists per county. 

Take bold action right now.  Get one or all of our proven Systems, and change your life!

Your success is only limited by your desire - do you desire success?

How Does this System Work?


There are 2 ways to use the system..


1.  Build your own business, make your own deals, maximizing income. Everything you need is in

      the e-book.  We have folks doing that now.


2.  Be a researcher.  Using our system, you find deals, do basic research, refer the deals to us &

     make a commission while we work the deal for you.


We'll find the people.


• We'll do the deals.


• We'll pay any buyouts to claimants.


• We'll hire and pay for the attorney.


• We'll pay you a handsome commission.


With surplus funds most folks start as researchers, save money, then do deals on their own..


The system works part time, full time, or as a stand alone business. You can make $1000's per week working during your lunch hour*. Or you can build a multi-million dollar business full time.


The System Works For Anyone Regardless of Background, Education, Etc.


You can start making money in 6-14 weeks.


It's so simple we tested it on a 12 Year Old and They Found $30,000 in 30 Minutes! (Shawn's Daughter)


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Where Does All This Money Come From?


Properties foreclose through Counties(tax foreclosure), Mortgage Companies & HOA's daily.  Yet hardly anyone knows what happens after foreclosure – even attorneys don’t know about this!


2 Foreclosure examples:


• A home forecloses for $250K and the mortgage debt totals $200K, including attorney's fees.  The bank can't keep the overage.  The bank gives that $50K to the Court.  A judgment/lien holder can collect from the proceeds. You can strike a deal with that lien holder!  If there are no liens or judgments, the ex-owner can collect.


Courts will tell you the money doesn't exist.  We Teach You How and Who to Ask, to Get the List!


The County doesn't have the manpower to contact anyone.  When they do its at the foreclosure address!


Okay, so you're saying, 'Yah, but houses are selling for less than the bank is owed'.  You're right - over the past few years, homes often sold for under the amount owed.  Here's another example that shows why this doesn't matter:


• Homeowner had a loan for $100K, and took a 2nd for $200K because the market took off. The 1st mortgage forecloses, and sells it for $150K. There's $50K left.  That $50K Surplus is due to the 2nd mort. co., which has sold its debt or is out of business.  The money is still there -  you can make a deal with the debt holder!


Want to know how many 2nd mortgage companies went out of business? Go here: Out of Biz Banks


This Happens Every Day!



Here's our Open Letter to You:

Dear Entrepreneur:

It's no secret that tax and bank foreclosures are happening every day, across the Country. 


What you may not know is foreclosures are creating huge overages (surplus funds) every single day.  Especially Now, as 'Newbie' Investors are Bidding up Property to Retail Value or Higher!


If you’ve done any research, you know there are methods for getting that money out of the court's accounts, into your account!


BUT, you need to know where the money is and how to get it!!


You could have amazing investigative powers and a team of researchers, but without knowing where to look for the money, and how to get it out legally, it's just interesting information.


Now imagine for a moment that you had a tested, proven 'treasure map' that showed you how to find the money and how to get it out of the court and into your account, without worrying about finder laws.


Think that would take your income to another level? You're right, it would!


But, aside from trying to be a 'finder' (limiting your income) and jumping through regulatory hoops, there hasn't been a proven, simple way to get these mountains of cash, that works in every State.


Until now that is....

Yes! ... what once was impossible is now easily achieved...  And what we share with you will have a bigger impact on your financial future than anything else you have ever seen online.  


Do you wish you could:


• Claim huge blocks of money, some $100K+!, with zero competition? We’re the only ones that also go after mortgage and HOA foreclosure overages!


• Partner with a company that will train you and do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you?


• Operate a business that will allow You to call the shots and has no limit on income?


• Have access to YEARS of files, where you could literally pick & choose what to take?


• Help other people while you are creating personal wealth?


If you said yes, then we have good news for you, because our proven, tested system allows you to do all of this and more, quickly and easily flooding your bank account with surplus funds. 


Make no mistake - this is not a 'get rich quick' program.  You do have to put effort and time into the program.  But, you get paid for your effort - very, very well paid.



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Watch the Important Video Above, and Read on!!


Yes, its True. Now You Can Claim Huge Blocks of Hidden Surplus Funds Money - Both Tax and Mortgage!! 

You Can Do it Yourself, OR – We’ll do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you – Partner Up with Us and We Will:


• Find the Claimant - we do the skip tracing!!

• Strike the Deal For You - you don't need any negotiation skills!!

• We Will Buy their Claim with our investor money!

• We Will Hire the Attorney and Pay all Court Costs!  On our dime!

• And, of course – Pay You a Handsome Commission for Working with Us!!

• OR - You Can Do It Yourself - The Course Is Complete!


If you're ready to stop worrying about finances, read the important letter below for exciting details.


Get The Free Download & Check Specials- Sign in, in the

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And Like us on Facebook -Stay up to date on how we are putting Deals together and Making Money!



Show Me The Money!! - Surplus Lists Below!!



Look at these Overages below from Counties in the US. This is just a small sample from a few counties, Imagine how much MONEY there is when you factor in that there is over 3,000 Counties in the United States!


Surplus Funds, Excess Proceeds Income Machine!  Profit from excess proceeds, surplus funds, overages, remainders, tax sale and mortgage overages.
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